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+Currently attending Jongin's dance recital
Your voice could calm the oceans.
i’ll always be there to pick you up.


>B’s style lookbook 2/→ dedicated to bynbae

the bae series 4/∞ 

Anonymous: hey i was wondering if you have watched the first episode of exo 90:2014, if you have, what do you think?

i actually haven’t watched it yet but i’ve seen the previews and it looks pretty interesting, but for some reason i’m not too excited about it ;; but i’ll definitely check it out!  

pastelexo: top five male dancers?^^

there are so many great dancers but my top 5 would be c: 

1. kai

2. yunho

3. taemin

4. taeyang

5. jimin

baekyeol graphic // for baekleuu

Anonymous: top 5 groups?

1. exo

2. winner

3. shinee

4. bts

5. infinite

/secretly includes/ girls’ day, aoa, big bang, snsd, red velvet, b1a4, apink, f(x), infinite, vixx, 2ne1, got7 and b.a.p 

eheh he ;;